Vampire Baseball ATC done with three stamps-a baseball stamp, Cullen Family creast stamp, Vampire Baseball stamp and brad and ribbons added. done with red inking and then a blue inked edge.

 Bella, Edward and the Truck!

 Beautiful Bella.
 Love ATC, torn paper on red paper with Dragonflycurls rubberstamp with red buttons and rubber stamped heart with gold edging.
 Vampire kiss rubberstamp with dripping edge (die from Martha Stewart) ribbons glued to the back and a separate black paper back applied.
 Vampire rubber stamp with Volturi stamp from Dragonfly curls, cap stamp from Ebay,and skull stamp from Lost Coast. Red glitter paint and red inked edge.
 Tim Holtz ATC stamp with Volturi stamp with buttons and eyelash ribbon
 Love this dancing rubberstamp, added the twilight stamp from Dragonfly curls and did it in a TWILIGHT BLUE COLOR!
 Three stamps-Volturi stamp from Dragonfly curles, a Victorian women's face and a "The eyes See everything" rubber stamp with red linked.

 LOVE  this ATC. Village stampe with Bella stamp from Dragonfly curls and Clock from Michaels.

 The digital image is from Collage home-don't u just love it!

 Digital imagery from Etsy, and inked
 Tim Holtz rubber stamp with digital imagery.

 This is a recent Octopus ATC from Swap-bot.
 This is an ATC with my Grandmother in costume with digital imagery.
 This is an ATC with italian handwriting, stamps and digital imagery.
 This is a little inchie with beading.
 This is a little canvas with digital imagery and beading.

 Twiligth ATC -Dragonfly curls rubberstamp with black glitter.
 new Moon ATC, Wolf-Dragonfly curls rubber stamp, Truck rubber stamp, friends stamp and inking, with jewelry finding.
 Cullen cross ATC
 The forest ATC with flocking and beading.
 New Moon rubberstamp with Quileute tribe rubberstamp from Dragonfly curls -ETSY.
  Heart rubberstamp with background stamp
Danger in the desert! Tim Holtz background rubberstamp with cactus rubberstamp.
 this is a Microscope slide with digital imagery with  eyelash ribbons.
 ISN'T THIS BEAUTIFUL!! This is my grandmother, I hand colored and inked.
 This is a photo of a Great Aunt that I hand colord and embellished with a butterfly digital imagery etc.,

 Digital Twilight Imagery.
 Tim Holtz rubberstamp with Digital imagery from CollageHome. Inked.
 Digitial Imagery with red buttons and glitter paint.
 Digital imagery from Collage home with collage elements.
 ATC with my grandfather's handwriting and digital imagery from ART Chix, and inked.
Rubberstamp from Dragonfly curls and truck rubberstamp and Tim Holtz emblishment.

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