Christmas canvas

                       CHRISTMAS CANVAS

Hi Girls, Hope these pictures help everyone create their own Christmas Canvas 12 x24”.

1)     A 12 x 24 canvas is required, there are 2 in the package at Michaels

2)     You will need a pad of glitter paper and a pad of card stock. Choose a matching color scheme of glitter and card stock.

3)     You will need Washi tape, Silver, Gold, Red, Green or Blue that goes with your paper.

4)     We will need Snow Tex and lots of glitter to match the paper, Gold, Silver, Red, Green and or Gold.

5)     We are gonna use Snow Tex to create some snow on the canvas, 

6)     We are gonna use Modeling paste with the Stencils to create snowflakes and or Pointsetta, or trees or a saying on ur canvas

7)     Here are the DIES WE ARE GONNA USE:

a) Sleigh die -cut 2 of one color, and 2 of another
b) Teddy Bear and presents-one white card stock or color card stock
c) Trees- cut 5-7 trees, 2 colors, and don’t pierce every one, leave a few together
d) Reindeer- 3 of the standing Reindeer, 2 of the prancing and 2 of the very small Reindeer
e) Stencils-I will bring Snowflakes, snow and Pointsetta-Tim Holtz
f) Santa is a stamp but u have to cut his out
      g)Snowflakes -as many or not as u want, 2 colors
       h)Ornaments-there are 6 dies and 4 stamps cut as many as u want, 2 colors

8)     With the MOD PODGE, paint the sides of the canvas and apply a thinner washi tape to the sides.

9)     Do the same thing with the MOD PODGE and apply a wider Washi tape to the front edges of the canvas

10) You can do snowflakes, pointsettas, trees with texture paint or paste, don’t apply either to the edge of the stencil, scrap spare paint off and clean stencils carefully in a sink of water. If u use texture paste, then sprinkle with glitter.

11) Do a different pattern on 3 corners at least!

12)Santa is a stamp, you can emboss it, stamp it with Mementos and color with markers.

13)Fuzzy cut the image and place behind sleigh.

13)You are gonna cut the SLEIGH FACE UP!!! You will cut 2 of one color and 2 of another color. The reason is cause the way Santa is facing, if u cut with the die down the sleigh will be going the wrong way.

14)Cut the sleigh legs off of one of the sleigh’s.

16) Glue the cut off legs to the other sleigh, then put pop dot foam on one side of the sleigh and

17) put them together A LITTLE OFF SO U CAN SEE BOTH SIDES.


19) Reindeer- 3 of the standing Reindeer, 2 of the prancing and 2 of the very small Reindeer. Glue the rist one down, only the body and leave the head and legs loose. Use pop dots to attach the other Reindeer to the canvas (add some glue to the pop dots to stay) Over lap the reindeer. Using baker twine, wrap a piece of twine around each of the large Reindeer.

19) You can cut this out of glitter paper or white card stock and color with markers as I did. Cut in half and insert into sleigh.

20) There are 7 dies, cut various ones (for ornaments) and there are at least 5 dies for Ornaments, cut them out out of card stock and glitter paper. Spray glitter or spray glue and apply glitter on plain card stock. A Lazer piece of cardstock will be supplied so u can foil the stamped image as well and fuzzy cut out, don’t over do. Use spray glue to glitter plain card stock.

21) There are 2 dies and one stencil. You can do both or either one. I chose to leave some of the die cut tree material in the back ground and not punch out all of it. Mix your paper selection. Only glue the bottom of the trees to the canvas and leave the tops loose.



22) Apply snow below the Reindeer feet.


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